Fraunhofer FOKUS

Model-based Testing for a more efficient Development Process

Fokus!MBT is a rich test modeling environment that simplifies the creation of the underlying test model by guiding the user through methodology-specific support. It is built on top of Eclipse Papyrus, a powerful open source UML modeling environment, which, in turn, relies on the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) and the Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF). Test models are described using UML and UTP.

Fokus!MBT’s most vital premise is to hide complexity of UML and its profile mechanism from the test engineers, so that they can entirely concentrate on their mission-relevant knowledge instead of wasting creativeness and resources by taming UML. Furthermore, it pursues offering the same convenient and appreciated all-round support developers are used to be provided with from today’s integrated development environments. Finally, it is all about easing the test engineer’s daily work, reduce testing resources and eventually, improve the overall quality of future software-intensive systems.