Test Modeling Based on the UML Testing Profile

  1. Fully-fledged test modeling environment on top of UML and UTP, technically integrated into the Eclipse modeling platform
  2. Methodological tailoring of the user interface
    • Modeling Commands
    • Modeling Assistants
    • Modeling Composites
    • Automated Modeling Rules (e.g., for ensuring automated naming conventions)
    • Modeling Constraint Checking
  3. Integrated support for multi-paradigm modeling
    • Flexible framework for form-based modeling notations
    • Use of GMF-based diagrams for visual modeling notations
    • Integration of textual modeling notations (e.g., Xtext editor support)
  4. Systematic and reproducible test generation through test directives
  5. Support for
    • Pattern-based test architecture generation
    • Test case/data generation
    • Test code generation
    • Test log import (the from test execution system)
    • Test metrics calculation
    • Document and test report generation
  6. Artifact versioning, collaborative modeling and process automation through ModelBus® platform

Provided test service implementations

  1. Test Diagrams: Test-specific diagrams on top of a subset of standard UML diagrams
    • Test architecture diagram
    • Test configuration diagram
    • Test data diagram
    • Test case sequence diagram
    • Test requirements diagram
  2. SpecEx: Test case and data generation with Microsoft's XSpec Explorer
    • Adoption of the Spec Explorer generation engine by Fokus!MBT
    • Genereation of test cases from UML state machine (that follow the Fokus!MBT modeling methodology)
    • Generation of adequate test data based on constraints
    • Formalization of generated test cases as subset of UML sequence diagram (called Fokus!MBT Test Sequence Diagram)
    • Technical details of Spec Explorer are completely hiden before the user
  3. TTCN3pio: TTCN-3 code generator
    • Generation of documented and human-readable TTCN-3
    • Ability to simulate the system under test for demonstration purposes
    • Generation of T3Doc statements (work in progress)
    • Directive-based configuration of test code generation (work in progress)
  4. T3log: TTCN-3 test log import based on standard TCI:TL
    • Header-based test log import
    • Complete test log import (work in progress)