Three generations of Fokus!MBT

Fokus!MBT is currently in its third generation. The first generation was mainly developed from 2007 till 2009 in the EU FP6 Modelplex project. It was based on a proprietary metamodel for testing called TestingMM. The second generation of Fokus!MBT was also based on TestingMM and mainly developed from 2010 till 2012. The third and most recent version is developed from the beginning of 2012 and is completely based on UML and UML Testing Profile. It is integrated as test modeling environment in the Open Source tool Eclipse Papyrus.

Projects and Case Studies

From the very first day Fokus!MBT was a case study-driven tooling. In the beginning, the two case studies of the MODELPLEX partners SAP and Telefonica provided the requirements for the development. The first one dealt with automated testing of service choreographies which were described as UML state machines [2], the second one with automated device configuration based on customer service subscriptions in the telecommunications domain. Besides MODEPLEX, Fokus!MBT was employed in another research project funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) for safeguarding a model-driven modernization of a file archiving and versioning system ([3], [1]).

In the recently successfully finished ITEA2 project Validation-driven design for component-based architectures (VERDE) parts of the TestingMM constituted the foundation of the VERDE platform's validation metamodel. Within VERDE Fokus!MBT was applied to two different use cases, one provided by Alstom and one provided by THALES Alenia Space. In the first one, Fokus!MBT was used in combination with SysML for manual test case specification in the transportation domain, the second one was dedicated to test case generation from UML state machines.

In the EU FP7 project Reuse and Migration of legacy applications to Interoperable Cloud Services (ReMICS), Fokus!MBT is again used to safeguard the modernization of a legacy system that is going to be brought into the Cloud. 

Finally, a master thesis was written at EADS Astrium where Fokus!MBT was employed to generate test cases according to the failure mode and effect analysis of a component of the Galileo Satellite.

[For footnotes see "Publications"]